Rosary Chain

Country of origin as per individual listings. Lead-free and Nickel-free 

Medium Bronze Cable Chain 1 meter

1 meter pkg (39") 9 links per inch 

Nice sturdy bronze finish chain with a matte finish  Made in PRC

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Smooth Oval Bronze chain 1 meter

1 meter (39")  Approx 9 links to the inch

Unsoldered smooth oval link chain. Very stiff, links are difficult to open. Made in China

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Gilt Finish O-chain 1m

1 meter (approx 39")  12 links per inch

O-chain, super sturdy, Very stiff! Gilt finish Made in China

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Bronze Finish O-chain 1m

1 meter (approx 39") 12 links per inch

Uber sturdy O-link chain! Soldered. Very thick o-links. Vintage look! Made in China

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Box Link Chain silver 1 meter

1 meter (39 inches) shiny silver

Thick sturdy chain, suitable for big bead rosaries or neck chains. 4 links per inch, broad rectangular links, Made in PRC

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Large Link Bronze Cable chain 1 meter

1 meter per pkg (39") 7 links per inch 

Large Link flat chain, soldered, bronze finish Made in PRC

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