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RC213S 7 Joys 7 Sorrows of St Joseph chaplet set


Double sided color images of the 7 joys and 7 sorrows of St Joseph chaplet set. 7 2-loop medals and a lovely crowned St Joseph and child Jesus center. A St Joseph's exclusive set!

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Set37 Red Enamel Confirmation set

Set is one enamel center and one enamel crucifix

Really beautiful red enamel Confirmation set! lovely details, light silver finish. "Come Holy Spirit" on the back.

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RC551 St Anthony of Padua each

Price per one 7/8"

Lovely classic image of St Anthony, patron of lost things and assistance with debt! Same image on reverse Made in PRC

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RC552 St Francis Xavier each

price per one   1" long

Lovely image of St Francis Xavier baptising, patron of the foreign missions

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RC553 Queen of Angels each

price per one 1"

Lovely classical image of Our Lady Queen of Angels, same image both sides

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RC550 Our Lady Untier of Knots each

price per one 1"

Beautiful image of the painting of Our Lady Untier of Knots, an ancient devotion in the Church! Same image both sides.

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Jesus the Good Shepherd glass dome each

price per one 1 3/8"

Beautiful image of Jesus the Good Shepherd. Sturdy looped frame, glass dome. Made by hand in Canada

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RC251 Celtic Knot Cross 3/pk

3 per pkg  1 1/2"

Antiqued silver finish, antiqued silver finish. Sturdy! Made in PRC

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RC252 Celtic Braid Cross 3/pkg

3 per pkg 1 5/8"

Lovely Celtic braid design, antiqued silver finish, lovely details! Made in PRC

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RC254 Baird's Celtic Cross 3/pkg

3 per pkg  1 1/2"

Ornate Celtic cross, lovely details! Antiqued silver finish. Made in PRC

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RC256 Celtic Round Cross 3/pkg

3 per pkg  1 1/8"

Ornate round Celtic cross, awesome details! Antiqued silver finish.  Made in PRC

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RC184 Celtic Style Cross 3/pkg

3 per pkg  1 1/2"

Beautifully detailed and sturdy! Celtic theme cross cupped back. Antiqued silver finish. Made in PRC

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2 1/2 inch Trinity Crucifix each

price per one 2 1/2"

Gorgeous details! Antiqued silver finish Trinity crucidix. Low profile, sturdy!

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RC248 Holy Face Holy Eucharist medals 3/pkg

3 per pkg 7/8"

Beautiful image of the Holy Face of Jesus from the Shroud, Blessed Sacrament on the reverse. Made in Italy

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CCC188 French Immaculate Heart of Mary glass dome each

price per one 1"

Lovely French style image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Sturdy loopy frame, glass dome. Made by hand in Canada

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3 inch Jerusalem Style crucifix each

price per one 3 inch

Thick sturdy and heavy, gorgeous antiqued pewter color finish with the 4 background crosses and ornate details!

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RC109P Five Roses Crucifix Pink enamel each

price per one 2"

Our popular 5 roses crucifix with beautiful pink enamel roses!

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RC466 Blue Enamel and Rhinestone each

Price per one  1 1/2"

Beautiful royal blue enameled cross with crystal and pink rhinestone accents on the tips and behind Jesus head.

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RC482 White Enamel Rhinestone crucifix Each

Price per ONE   1 1/2" 

Gorgeous white enamel with crystal and pink rhinestones in the tips and center!

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CCC184 Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart glass dome gilt each

price per one 1 1/8" gilt

Classic image of Our Lady of Sorrows with the sword piercing her Immaculate Heart. Glass dome, made in Canada

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RC539F Ecce Homo glass dome each

price per one 2 1/2"

Beautiful traditional image of Jesus bound and crowned with thorns before the judgement seat of Pilate. Ornate sturdy frame! Assembled in Canada

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MM26 Rosa Mystica medal silver 3/pk

3 per pkg   1"

Beautiful image of the Rosa Mystica (Mystical Rose)  Made in Italy

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BB09 Ornate Miraculous Medal Sky Blue 3/pkg

3 per pkg  1/2"

Beautiful openwork design with slender leaves! Lovely blue enamel, shiny silver finish!

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Set28 Communion metal set

1 crucifix, 1 center, 6 beads

Lovely leaves and grapes communion themed crucifix, 3-D chalice center and 6 beads with IHS on one side, chalice and host on the other. Quite shiny finish

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RC495 St Michael Chaplet Medal each

Price per 1 3/4"

A St Joseph's exclusive vintage reproduction of the St Michael chaplet medal. Back reads "St Michael guardian of souls, vanquisher of rebel spirits, pray for us" from the chaplet prayers. Made of hard lead-free pewter in the USA, shiny antiqued silver finish.

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RC496 Blessed Sacrament chaplet medal each

price per one 1 1/8"

A St Joseph's exclusive vintage reproduction. Has the correct image of Jesus giving communion to a child not an angel. Back has the main chaplet prayer with the indulgence. Made of hard lead free pewter in the USA, shiny antiqued silver finish.

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Rosary Mystery Bars set of 6

Rhomboid bars name each of the 5 mysteries of the rosary for Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous and Glorious, each numbered. 6th bar shows designation of days for each set of mysteries, Monday, Tuesday etc. set includes long eye pins. Shiny silver, beautiful details!

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