Special items at a special price!


Two Holy Hearts Locket gilt 3/pkg

3 pieces per pkg  1"

Lovely gold colored locket with the 2 Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary! Sturdy hinge and high rim inside for photos of your favourite saints or loved ones! Superior quality! Made in Italy

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BULK-AveMaria Asst Color centers 25/pkg

25 per pkg   5/8" oval

Lovely color images, 12 different titles, assorted only, Ave Maria on reverse. Great quality! Made in PRC

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RC286 Assorted color Centers 50/pkg

50 per pkg 1"

Beautiful assortment of double sided (same image both sides) colour centers. Excellent quality images, all your favourite titles! Bargain bulk price, regular price .78 each!

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Assorted Italian Made Centres 6/pkg

Clearance! Assorted centres of Our Lady, some Miraculous, each package different. 1st quality Made in Italy

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RC80 St Brother Andre and St Joseph each

price per one 3/4"

Beautiful photo of Br Andre and his beloved St Joseph on reverse. A St Joseph's exclusive design!

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RC499 Blessed Fr Solanus Casey each

Price per one 7/8"

Blessed Fr Solanus Casey, American-born Capucchin priest, and The Immaculate Heart of Mary in stained glass. Check out our video page for his story!

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RC488 Our Lady of Good Success Mother Mariana del Torres each

Price per one 7/8"

Beautiful full color image of the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success, Mother Mariana de Jesus del Torres, incorrupt Conceptionist Abbess on the other side. See details for more information

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RC556 St Benedict cubic zirconia gilt each

price per one 5/8"

Limited quantity! Cubic zirconia studded St Benedict medal - front only, back is blank - gilt centre, super glittery! Only a few in stock, then they're gone!

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Slim St Benedict Medal Crucifix gilt 3/pkg

3/pkg 1 1/4"

Limited quantity! Slim but sturdy gilt finish St Benedict Medal crucifix

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Slim St Benedict silver set 3 sets/pkg

3 sets per pkg

Set = 1 1/4" St Benedict Medal crucifix + 1/2" St Benedict Medal centre. 3 two-piece sets per pkg. Limited quantity!

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RC534 Grab Bag Blessed Virgin Mary 3/pkg

3 per pkg 1 1/2" assorted

Grab Bag Special! 3 different centers of Our Lady - Our Lady of Grace, Immaculate Heart and other Blessed Virgin titles, 3 different titles per pkg. Assembled by hand in Canada

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RC183BK Primitive Filigree Black enamel each

price per one 1 1/4"

Nice little crucifix! Shiny silver finish with black enamel inlay, twisted  thorn branch embellishment. Made in PRC

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RC140SCH Vatican Style silver medium 3/pk

3 per pkg   1 5/8"

Medium Vatican-style silvertone Lead and cadmuim free. some dimpling on the back with antiquing. Polishing with a jewelery cloth will improve this. Made in China

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RC140GCH Vatican Style gilt medium 3/pk

3 per pkg  1 5/8"

Medium Vatican style antiqued gilt finish. Lead and cadmium free. Some dimpling on the back with antiquing, rubbing with a jewelery cloth will improve this. Made in China

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RC476G Small Ornate BULK 10/pkg

10 pc per pkg 1 1/4"

Limited quantity! Antiqued gilt finish, dimpled back

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LE05 Assorted color cross shape medals 6/pkg

6 per pkg  3/4"

Same colour image both sides. Assorted only, no guarantee which titles will be in each package.

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LE24 Good Shepherd glass dome each

price per one 1 1/4"

Limited quantity! Jesus the Good Shepherd glass dome. Made by hand in Canada

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LE26 Smiling Madonna Icon glass dome each

price per one 1 1/4"

Limited quantity! Smiling Madonna icon glass dome. Made by hand in Canada

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LE18 St Benedict glass dome each

price per one 1 1/4"

Limited quantity! St Benedict of Nursia, glass dome. Made by hand in Canada

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LE15 Sacred Heart of Jesus glass dome each

price per one 1 1/8"

Limited quantity! Sacred Heart of Jesus glass dome. Made by hand in Canada

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LE29 French Sacred Heart glass dome each

price per one 1 1/4"

Limited quantity! French style Sacred Heart of Jesus glass dome. Made by hand in Canada

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8" Porcelain Nativity Set

Gorgeous details and reverent faces on this really lovely 3 piece white nativity set. Beautiful Florentine styling! Limited quantity!

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8" Hand Carved Corpus each

price per one 8"

Limited quantity!  3-D corpus. Carved both front and back! Made by hand with attention to detail! Make a really special crucifix for someone you love!

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RC453C Oval Halo of Stars 3/pkg

3 per pkg 3/4"

Shiny gilt Madonna with an oval halo of stars. Great for one decades, small beads and bracelets! Made in China

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RC208 Seven Sorrows large color set

Set of six 2-sided 3/4" mystery medals, 2-sided 1st mystery 1" centre and 2-sided 1 1/4" color medal. Perfect for 7mm+ beads and ovals. A custom made St Joseph's exclusive set!

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