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Jump Ring Opener Tool - Each

Why use 2 pairs of pliers or tear your nails? This handy little tool makes opening jump rings easy! Check out the video on our How To page and see how to use it!

Children's Rosay Pliers

One Pair - these are great for youngsters trying their hand at rosary making. Small size for small hands! Sturdy box joint, inside cutter for chain or wire and spring handle.

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Conical Tips Comfort Grip

One Pair - Jewelry Pliers long smooth nose, thick sturdy grip. No cutters. Great quality! Limited quantity! Made in India 

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Bead Reamer Kit Blue Tube Each

Handy kit comes with 4 different bits for de-burring  and enlarging existing holes in glass wood or stone beads. Unscrew tip to fit in bit (like a drill chuck). All bits fit into the tube. End screws on. Quality metal. *Not intended for drilling holes, just enlarging existing ones

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Replacement Reamer Bit Each

Small size replacement bit for Bead Reamer tool. To replace broken or worn out tip. Package of 1
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Bead Reamer set of 4

Bead reamer kit - set of 4 reamers with handles. Intended for deburring and enlarging holes in beads of glass, wood or stone. Green handled one doubles as file for exterior smoothing. Set not intended for drilling.
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